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Dogs And Doors: Ways To Keep Your Doors From Being Damaged By Pets

If you have indoor dogs, you might enjoy the companionship and personality they bring, but you might also feel the occasional exasperation when your dog damages some of the features of your home. Dogs can be especially hard on doors.

Glass doors, for example, can become cloudy over years of your dog pawing the door to be let in or out. Painted exterior doors may become dented or scratched, and large dogs can tear screen doors. Some dogs may even chew on weatherstripping or frame moldings. Here are some ways you can help prevent damage to your doors.

1. Install an automatic dog door. 

One of the easiest ways to protect your doors from harm is to keep your dog from needing to use them. Many people do not like the idea of dog doors because a typical flap door allows cold air into the house. However, automatic doors are well insulated, and they open with a remote on your dog's collar; your dog only has to approach the door for it to open. Your dog will never need to scratch at the door to come in and out, plus you'll have even more control over potty accidents. 

2. Use a door shield.

You can place a sturdy film over the lower part of your door that helps to keep your actual door from being scratched. While the shield itself will get scratched and may not always look beautiful, you know that as your dog is better trained, you can remove the shield and enjoy your scratch-free door. 

3. Invest in pet-strength screens.

If you do have screen doors installed, be proactive about replacing the mesh with something a bit more hard-wearing. Some stronger screens are just as functional, but they will last years and prevent damage from larger dogs. Torn screens don't just ruin the mesh -- the pressure can also bend or break screen frames, leading to the need for costly repair. Strong screens are more expensive at first, but in the long run, they are worth your money. 

4. Protect door frames with guards.

For dogs that scratch or bite the frame of your door, you can purchase lay-over frame protectors to cover the frame when the door is shut. If the frame is very damaged with scratches and bite marks, you can fix it by using epoxy wood filler in the gouges and sanding away the excess.

For more information on door repair, contact a local professional.