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Two Safety Tests For Your Garage Door

Each time you change the batteries in your smoke alarms, go to your garage and perform a few safety checks. There are safety features on your garage door that are meant to prevent injuries and even death. If these features aren't tested often, you will not know that they aren't functioning as they should until it's too late and someone gets hurt. Here you will learn how to test these features and determine if a repairman is needed before something awful happens.

Obstruction Sensor Test

Near the bottom of your garage door tracks, you will see two sensors—one on each side of the door. These are the obstruction sensors. They work by sending a beam across the opening of the garage door. When the beam is broken, the door should not be able to close. If it is closing already, it is meant to go back up, preventing anything or anyone from getting crushed under the door.

To test the sensors, use a shovel or broom to break the beam after you have pressed the button to close the door. If the door doesn't immediately reverse, the sensors aren't working properly. Now, hold the shovel in the line of the beam and hit the button to close the door. The door shouldn't move. If it does, attention is needed.

Tip: If the sensors don't work as they should, try giving them a good cleaning. Sometimes, dirt and cobwebs can block the beam from reaching the sensor.

Auto-Reversal Test

When your garage door is closing and comes into contact with something, it is supposed to immediately go into reverse and open back up. If this feature isn't working properly, the garage door will continue to close when it comes into contact with something and crush whatever is in its way.

To test the feature, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Get a shovel or broom. Have one person stand inside the garage and hold one end of the shovel or broom while you stand outside, holding the other. Press the button to make the garage door close. When the garage door comes into contact with the handle, it should immediately reverse and open.

If your garage door fails either of these tests, contact your local garage door repair technician, such as someone from Affina Door, for assistance. He or she will make sure that everything is repaired and is up to the safety standards needed to keep you and your family safe.