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Three Ways Bay Windows Add Character And Enhance Your Home

The distinctive bay window, with its typical three-sided footprint, was developed out of necessity. It was a way to bring more natural light into homes, which in centuries past were lit mostly by fireplaces, candles and gas lamps. They gained popularity in the Victorian age, fitting in nicely with the elegant curves of that architectural style.  In the modern world, bay windows are often used to brighten up a room and add a bit of character at the same time. Below are three ways these useful and eye-catching windows can enhance your home.  

Coordinate Your Entryway and Add Some Curb Appeal

Bay windows are three-dimensional. They "pop" out from the rest of the house, automatically creating a distinct architectural line. With the right trim, color blending and design, they add a sense of drama that enhances your curb appeal. For example, if you want to draw attention to your entryway and the large living room window right next to it, color coordinate the trims. Even better, put a smaller window in the door itself, perhaps a leaded glass circle or oval, in keeping with Victorian tradition. If you add a stained glass accent in the door window, coordinate that with the front-of-house trim. Leaded glass trims around the bay window panels also adds an eye-appealing touch. When you look at your home from the street, you'll find an inviting symmetry.

Add Needed Floor Space to Your Living Room

Since bay windows extend out, they do add extra space to your living area. When taking out a typical flat window and putting in the bay, the floor is usually extended. It may be only a few square feet of space, but because of the additional light, it feels like much more. One creative way to enhance your bay window is to build a window seat. Think about it, sitting in the window surrounds you with natural light on three sides, perfect for reading, writing, painting or doing needlework.

Create a Mini-Greenhouse For Your Kitchen

Replace that window above your kitchen sink with a bay window inset, and you automatically have a mini-greenhouse. Add shelving, preferably clear so the light isn't blocked, and then add potted herbs or flowers. Imagine needing a sprig of rosemary and just having to walk over to your kitchen window herb garden to snip some fresh bits off. If you have a larger kitchen with a good sized window, consider putting in a floor to ceiling bay window. You'll get all the benefits of the one in your living room, plus space for a much bigger indoor garden.

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