Two Safety Tests For Your Garage Door

Each time you change the batteries in your smoke alarms, go to your garage and perform a few safety checks. There are safety features on your garage door that are meant to prevent injuries and even death. If these features aren't tested often, you will not know that they aren't functioning as they should until it's too late and someone gets hurt. Here you will learn how to test these features and determine if a repairman is needed before something awful happens. [Read More]

Got A Retail Store And Want An Automatic Door? Different Types And Caring For The Door

If you own a retail store and do not have automatic doors, your customers may find it difficult to get in and out of your store. This is especially true if you are very busy and a lot of people are coming and going throughout the day. Automatic doors will take care of all this for you. Before you make a purchase, below are some different types of automatic doors, as well as information on how to care for the door so it will last you a long time. [Read More]

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Storm Panels

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may be looking at buying storm panels. Storm panels are designed to either replace your windows or cover them, ensuring the glass does not shatter everywhere during a storm, and preventing outdoor elements, such as rain and mud, from entering a shattered window. There are many factors to consider when selecting storm panels that you may know about, such as whether you want clear ones that act as windows or traditional ones that cover your windows, the cost of the panel and what material the panel is made from. [Read More]

Three Ways Bay Windows Add Character And Enhance Your Home

The distinctive bay window, with its typical three-sided footprint, was developed out of necessity. It was a way to bring more natural light into homes, which in centuries past were lit mostly by fireplaces, candles and gas lamps. They gained popularity in the Victorian age, fitting in nicely with the elegant curves of that architectural style.  In the modern world, bay windows are often used to brighten up a room and add a bit of character at the same time. [Read More]